Beacon Team

Introduction to Beacon LLP

Beacon LLP May 17, 2023

At Beacon LLP, our talented and experienced team are the secret to our success. With an incredible attitude and professionalism, our team delivers sophisticated, creative work products to clients every day. 

We have our Founding Partners — Steven E. Trytten and Erica B. Deutsch — leading the charge. 

Steve started out as a CPA in Chicago, came to Los Angeles as a jazz pianist, and stayed to become a highly respected tax and estate planner. When you come to our office, be sure to take some time to view the fantastic Jazz Fest artwork that Steve has collected over the years. 

Erica met Steve in Miami when getting a master's in Estate Planning after law school and jumped at the chance to work with him after returning home to Los Angeles. When she is not practicing law, Erica can usually be found attending musical theater performances around town with friends or family. 

Brittany D. Hansen, our Senior Associate, joined the team at the end of 2019 after practicing for a few years in Santa Barbara, California. Around her client-focused work, Brittany enjoys traveling, exploring new eateries, playing video games, and building Lego sets (a hobby others in the office also share). 

The Beacon support team is top-notch and our attorneys and clients would be completely lost if not for their gracious assistance. 

Our Legal Assistants are Melissa W. Roza and Jessica T. Cardoza. 

Melissa loves to explore for seashells and go on long walks with a book in her hand. Her passions also include playing the piano, researching family history, and photography. 

Jessica has a culinary background but found her love of law outweighed her love of being in the kitchen. Fortunately, she has two children who enjoy being in the kitchen with her every once in a while. She gets the best of both worlds. 

Shannon Sweetmon, our Executive Assistant and Office Support, loves anything to do with nature. When she is not supporting the amazing, dedicated Beacon team you can find her outdoors, hiking and taking in the gorgeous views of California’s many mountain ranges, forests, and beautiful beaches. Her other passions are playing with her cat, eating amazing food, reading, and making jewelry. 

Debbi Moore, who worked with the team for many years as a senior estate planning paralegal before retiring from full-time work, continues to assist the firm as our Client Relations Consultant. Debbi works with new and incoming clients in the process of establishing a relationship with the firm as the first step toward accomplishing their objectives for tax and estate planning or legal consultation. 

Last, but certainly not least, Liliana Glenn rounds out our team as Office Operations Manager. Lili handles lots of the firm’s logistics and oversees our accounting process. Her previous work experience ranging from small to large companies and firms provides her with the knowledge and expertise for her current role at Beacon. Outside of work, Lili’s hobbies include reading, camping, traveling, and spending time with her family including her furry ones.